Cooking classes at a chef place


Meet Véronique, our Parisian chef, in her wonderful apartment at the Invalides. Her class will introduce you to French regional specialties such as coq au vin, blanquette de veau, clafoutis or any other dessert that interests you.

French cuisine will be demystified as our chef shares his secrets for success in the kitchen, including, for example, the key to choosing the best cut of meat for your recipes. His class is completed by a tasting of all the dishes you have created together, seated at a typical French table, and accompanied by wine and champagne. You will leave with the desire to make these dishes yourself at home! As an optional extra, you can go shopping at the french market with Véronique to choose the exceptional products you will cook!

A truly delicious culinary experience to share with family and friends! Only on request.


  • Culinary advice
  • Exceptional meals
  • Unusual and friendly activity

What is included

  • What’s included
  • 4h cooking class and lunch, 5h with market option
  • Appetizer / Entrée / Main course / Dessert
  • Bottles of wine and champagne


  • Lunch in French or English
  • Please indicate 48 hours before the dinner any special dietary requirements or restrictions: tasting modifications may be made accordingly. Vegetarian/gluten-free option available (contact us)
  • Start time: 10:30 am
  • Between 2 and 7 people

Good to know

Paris A Dream is a local company that has only one desire: to enhance our French know-how and provide you with unforgettable experiences and promote sustainable tourism

Included :

Cooking class of:
  • An appetizer
  • A starter
  • Main dish meat or fish
  • Side dish.

The lunch will include what you have cooked and some cheese. If you have not cooked a pastry, Veronique will include the preparation of clafoutis, strawberry or peach Melba, chocolate cake etc… According to your desires..

Also include wine and champagne.

Price :

  • 643€ pour un groupe 2 personnes
  • 678€ pour 3 personnes
  • 786€ pour 4 personnes
  • 893€ pour 5 personnes
  • 1001€ pour 6 personnes
  • 1107€ pour 7 personnes

Option : market

  • 707€ pour un groupe 2 personnes
  • 750€ pour 3 personnes
  • 858€ pour 4 personnes
  • 964€ pour 5 personnes
  • 1072€ pour 6 personnes
  • 1179€ pour 7 personnes


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