Our Concept

Discover Paris through Food!

Discover the Paris Gourmet

Meet the best food artisans in Paris.

Enjoy the City of Light

by cooking French classics. 


We market our gourmet activities in Paris and Bordeaux in order to highlight local products and French gastronomic know-how. This is done through cooking classes and dinners at home, but especially through guided food tours.
Our goal is to offer convivial experiences during which we tell our culinary story, the story
of the products we present and the story of the artisans or producers. For example: the history of the baguette, the history of its creation, but also the stages of production and how to select a good baker today. All of this in the context of a walking tour of the neighborhood, we present the artisan and historical anecdotes about the product.

level of demand

Level of demand

Selectiodne omf craaftnsmden, short circuit, sustainable tourism



All our acytivities take place in small groups, in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of authentic districts

level of demand


Offers adyapted to all, with family, friends or as a couple. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available



Quick ryeservation on our website. On the day of your walk, let yourself be guided and enjoy!

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