What to do in Bordeaux?

During our food tour, you often ask us “What’s there to do in Bordeaux? And since there are only 24 hours in a day, and the 3 hours of our food tour aren’t enough to tell you about all the places we like to visit, we’ve decided to give you a (non-exhaustive) summary of what we like to do in the area.

Cultural city

Bordeaux is one of France’s most attractive cities.

And with good reason. Bordeaux is first and foremost a city of culture, with an exceptional architectural heritage thanks to its classical and neoclassical style. Rich in history, the Port de la Lune is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its quays invite you to enjoy convivial strolls along the banks of the Garonne.

In Bordeaux, every district is different, and you can move from the hustle and bustle of lively evenings in Place Camille Jullian or Rue Piliers de Tutelle, to the calm of the gardens if you stroll through the Jardin Public. Or from trendy rooftops, like Chez Gina, to small dining cellars, like Le Sobre, in Chartrons. Quiet spots like Place du Parlement are also part of the city’s charm.

The city also boasts an eclectic array of museums, including the Cité du Vin, which offers a rich and varied cultural program to help you discover the history of wine while awakening all your senses. If you’re into contemporary art, the CAPC musée d’art contemporain is sure to delight. It’s next door to our food tour through the Chartrons. However, we have a slight preference for the Musée d’Aquitaine, which traces the history of Bordeaux.

Where to stay in Bordeaux?

For an unforgettable stay in Bordeaux, we highly recommend a number of charming establishments. Guest houses such as Fleur d’Aya, Le Clos des Queyries and Maison La Course offer a warm, authentic atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing getaway. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel, Hôtel de Sèze combines elegance and modernity, while Hotel Burdiagala will seduce you with its lifestyle style and friendly welcome. Each of these venues has been selected for the quality of its service and its unique atmosphere, guaranteeing a memorable experience in the heart of Bordeaux. In fact, they are all Bordeaux a Dream partner.

A gastronomic destination

Eating out is an integral part of any trip. In Bordeaux, you’re spoilt for choice. From oysters from the Arcachon Basin and beef from Bazas to the famous Bordeaux cannelé. In fact, for cannelés, we’ve got just the address you’re looking for. Tired of the debate between Baillardran and Toque Cuivrée? We offer you cannelés from Cassonade, the best in the region.
With over 1600 restaurants, Bordeaux is the French city with the most restaurants per inhabitant! Of these, 11 are Michelin-starred in Bordeaux alone (source: Michelin guide).
So how do you choose THE restaurant that’s right for you? At Bordeaux a Dream, we’ve put together an address book at the end of each of our gourmet walks. You’ll also benefit from the expert advice of our gastronomic guides. Fancy a glass of wine and some food to share in a friendly atmosphere, on one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful squares? Then head to the Avant-Comptoir du Palais, where Julien Candeborde cooks up some exceptional dishes.

But if you’d like to learn more about the history of Bordeaux, its gastronomy and culinary customs and trends, book one of our food tour. As an alternative to a meal, our expert gastronomy guides will take you from place to place, letting you taste exceptional dishes selected with great care. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about the city of Bordeaux and its history.

Bordeaux and its surroundings: a rich territory

If you’ve already been seduced by the city, you’ll love the surrounding area.

You’ve heard of Saint Emilion, famous for its grands crus, but also for its UNESCO World Heritage village, a must-see in the Bordeaux region. Yet the rest of the Bordeaux vineyards have nothing to envy. Yes, there’s something for everyone around Bordeaux.

The Médoc for red wine lovers, the Entre Deux-Mer for a dry white to be enjoyed in oyster huts or the sweet Sauternes. Meet Cécilia, founder of I love my 2 CV, to decipher the appellations of the Bordeaux wine region. She’s an enthusiast who’ll share her passion for oenology with you. A fun, gourmet workshop in Bordeaux, for a first encounter with local produce through a wine pairing. But above all, we’ll take you for a ride in her grandfather’s 2 CV, for an authentic encounter with the winegrowers of Saint Emilion or the Médoc.

We invite you to discover exceptional natural areas such as the Arcachon Basin, to meet its flora and fauna through a peaceful visit to the Parc Ornithologique du Teich or the Esturgeonnière, an unusual visit to discover the secrets of caviar.

Bordeaux, a committed destination

Bordeaux, European capital of smart tourism, and its tourism players are committed to preserving our shared environments. We encourage you to take advantage of soft mobility, such as cycling, to appreciate these spaces and give back to nature all that it provides. You can find all the practical information you need to get around on the tourist office website.

Contact us for more information and discover Bordeaux through its gastronomy. The shopkeepers and artisans who bring life to our neighborhoods are waiting to meet you!

See you soon 😉

Our addresses

Isabelle 👩🏽

La ginguette Chez Alriq : An unusual right bank address, where you can eat tapas and pizzas with beers, cocktails and wines in a lively open-air venue hosting concerts.
Thélonious, a Jazz Club café, where you can eat and listen to jazz, in the Chartrons Rive Gauche district.

Our addresses

Eloïse 👩🏼

The bar à 2 in Chartrons, where you can enjoy cocktails from another world in an intimate, discreet atmosphere!

Our addresses

Camille 👩🏻

Homie’s Kitchen, a friendly café that creates its menu using only seasonal produce.

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